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Solar Lighting Manufacturers ($2,000)

Complete systems manufacturers plus producers of individual solar lighting components not limited to solar modules (PV panels), LED luminaries and other lamps, batteries, charge controllers, remote monitoring and communications devices, SST firms, and pole mounts.

Associate Members ($750)

End users, commercial property managers, corporate sustainability officers, and organizations serving the solar lighting industry.

Public Stakeholders (no fee)

Any state or federal government agency or higher education group whose major function is the use, promotion of technology research of solar lighting.

Please contact us by e-mail for Public Stakeholder Membersip Inquiries.

Membership Policy

The Consortium for Solar Lighting (CSL) was formed under the Connecticut Revised Nonstock Corporation Act with the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of State. The mission of CSL and its members is simple -- accelerate the adoption of reliable solar street, roadway, pathway, parking lot and other related lighting technologies through the development of universal product standards.

The standards will be intended to address the growing demand by consumers for a fair and comprehensive "best practices" evaluation of commercial-scale off-grid lighting solutions. A diverse group of manufacturers of off-grid, outdoor solar lighting systems and related components will make up the bulk of CSL membership. Critically, non-manufacturer stakeholder organizations including academic researchers whose work or background would contribute an independent perspective to the process of standards development are regarded as valued members. Other important stakeholders include various federal and state government agencies as well as industry, public interest groups that advocate for the expanded use of solar energy. Membership is also extended to organizations that primarily serve CSL members including traditional electrical standards organizations. At the discretion of the CSL executive director individual memberships may be granted.